Ronen Tzur “Mr. Z — a Different Superhero”

My name is Ronen Tzur, author of the trilogy “Mr. Z — a Different Superhero”. (Buy the Book Online).
It is my hope that together with you I will be able to raise the necessary sum of money for publishing my two additional books that continue the story of “Mr. Z — a Different Superhero”.
The first book I published is being sold in the leading digital book stores in the country: “E- vrit” (עברית), “Indiebook”, “Getbooks”.
In addition to that, if I manage to raise enough money I will be able to translate my trilogy to English in order to distribute it abroad.

MR - Z

The trilogy “Mr. Z” belongs to the generic repertoires of Science Fiction and Fantasy. It is a story that will sweep away and carry its readers over to a journey full of thrilling and exciting adventures. The readers of the trilogy will visit fascinating places on Earth, places where reality and fiction meet.
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Balfour Hakak, the Chairman of Hebrew Writers’ Association (2005- 2011):

“I read  the proof- sheet of the book and I was impressed by Ronen Tzur’s talent, a new Science Fiction writer on the Israeli stage. There are imagination, fantasy and spirituality in his story, he shows himself a perspective writer in this genre. I dare claiming that Ronen Tzur is a promising novel writer who will succeed. Let us wait for his next novels”.

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I am grateful in advance to each and every one of you; see you in the next story!